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Machinery Rental


Machinery rental

The acquisition of a new machine or equipment can be a great investment in the short term. And the benefits are not generated until a long time later.

This causes many small and medium-sized companies to decide not to purchase a machine or to opt for an inferior quality one. This leads to lack of funding or fear of your business going bankrupt.

For all these companies, Maser has presented its RENTING MASER system, making the acquisition of machinery easier and less of a risk for you.

RENTING MASER offers a payment plan with many advantages that we have negotiated with different banks on your behalf.


What does our renting consist of?


You will pay a minimum monthly rental for the use of a machine.

After 24 to 84 months, you will be able to acquire it at a minimum cost.

In this way the machinery will become a company asset.

A simple way to go and with the best market conditions.



Rental that is 100% tax deductible as a company expense, with the result that is deducted from profit and reduces company and income tax.

VAT deductible in every monthly invoice

It does not show up in the CIRBE (the Bank of Spain’s risk information central office): it does not affect debt capacity, meaning that if you apply for funding, the rental amount will not appear as a debt.*What is the CIRBE? It is a database that contains information pertaining to loans, credits, sureties and guarantees that each credit entity maintains with its clients.

A fixed amount that allows for better planning of cash flow availability and needs

Improves liquidity with no need for credit lines

A comprehensive Solution: Assets + Services (Assembly, Transport, two years’ annual revision)

• Avoids assets becoming obsolescent, in terms of machinery and technology.

You pay nothing on the signing of the contract prior to delivery. Once the contract has been signed, you will pay the established fixed monthly amount.

Assets do not show up on the balance sheet and are not amortised

You can change the machinery you have acquired at the end of the rental contract for new machinery with more modern features and for an adjusted amount