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Quality policy


Quality certification

We have implemented a quality management system based on the requirements outlined in the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management Systems” Standard, with the aim of fulfilling guidelines, as well as the UNE 15896 Standard.

A Quality Management system that is based on internationally acknowledged standards, together with the definition of objectives and with the aim of achieving ongoing improvements in service provision.


One of our top priorities is quality and excellence in service provision and the satisfaction of all interested parties.

We are aware of the commitment to currently existing excellence standards and, in keeping with our mission, vision and values, we are an organisation committed to the ongoing improvement of our services.


We identify with and look to satisfy the needs of all groups of interest, by creating the appropriate business environment.

This is to enable claims and suggestions formulated by our clients to be properly analysed and monitored, providing full satisfaction.


We manage quality criteria processes for our team of professionals. We encourage a true sense of responsibility in the workplace.

We foster the creative participation of the whole team with regard to problem solving and the ongoing improvement in quality management system.

We also foster staff training with the aim of creating a team that is perfectly adapted to the requirements of interested parties, in addition to current market needs, in order to fulfil the expectations of all groups of interest.