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High performance protectorwith solvent base,color enhancer

Indoor and outdoor (UV resistant) against water, oil stains:

  • Polished/polished: Marble, granite, natural stone, ceramic
  • Table top, monument, stoning, floor, worktop

Removes crack-shadow lines without creating movie

  • Unifies the appearance
  • Improves brightness and debris-free finish



PROPERTIES: Soluble base of impregnation solution that completely eliminates the small lines of cracks, shadows-imperfections present in granite boards and natural stone. Creates a rich natural surface colour and improves finish without leaving any surface debris. The product will not create any kind of film, leaving moisture out of the steam and is UV resistant.

SECURITY: When any type of soluble base product is used, adequate ventilation is recommended during and after application. Wear appropriate rubber gloves when necessary and do not smoke, eat or drink during use. Keep the product tightly closed and away from children. For more information, refer to the safety sheet

APPLICATIONS: All surfaces to be treated must be thoroughly clean and dry. When restoring a surface or slab, it is IMPORTANT to ensure that any existing treatment or wax is removed before applying any other product. When you have no previous treatment experience, it is recommended to test in a small area to verify the suitability of the product on the stone. When necessary, make sure that all surrounding areas and surfaces sensitive to soluble ones are protected against possible spillage.

Apply the product to the stone surface using a roller, brush, or cotton cloth. On very porous stones, allow to dry a minimum of 2 to 6 hours to improve the result. In dense stones, leave a minimum of 30 minutes to 2 hours so that the product can be absorbed and thus obtain an optimal result. Always remove any excess debris using wire wool or a type 3m nylon pad. If you want to achieve or obtain a more intensive finish, a second layer can be applied leaving a minimum of 12 to 24 hours between applications by repeating the action of removing any remaining.

COVERAGE: Indicative coverage allowing 2 layers and depending on the absorption of the stone or surface texture.

  • High porosity stone (sandstone): Not recommended
  • Medium Porosity (polished stone, limestone): 10 – 20m²
  • Low porosity (polished stone): 20 – 30m²
  • Very dense stone: 30 – 40m²

RECOMMENDATIONS: For intensive or periodic cleaning that requires more effort, it is recommended to use the detergent.

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Ficha Técnica Odour Solvent characteristic Flash point 68 ºC Solubility Insoluble in water Relative density 0,88 State Liquid Colour ColourlessOdour Solvent characteristic Flash point 68 ºC Solubility Insoluble in water Relative density 0,88 State Liquid Colour Colourless
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