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Electric circular saw fordry and wet work, perfect for making sink holes.

High power engine:Granite cutting 3 cm thick, surfaces quartz, marble, limestone, ant and tables of synthetic materials, with standard circuit 110 V - 15 amp.

  • Precise cutting
  • Ø125mm
  • 1,200W
  • Speed: 12,000rpm
  • Weight: 4kg
  • Built-in dust collector: Works with water


Its design allows you to work with water or dust aspiration, helping to reduce silica particles in the air and prevent respiratory disease. 

For the shadow working system:

  • The wet-work system constantly cools the disk, and prevents silica particles from passing into the air, preventing respiratory disease. 
  • The tool has an aluminum collector that provides enough water to cool the disc, as well as removing grout from the cutting line in front of the stone saw.
  • Since water is fired from the back of the stone cutter toward the cutting edge, it provides plenty of water for any size and type of knife.
  • Together with the aluminum manifold system, the non-pleat/memory hybrid water hose has a quick disconnect adapter. 

For the dry work system:

  • The dry working system has an attachment for the suction of dust particles produced by cutting

The depth or height of cutting is adjusted by its working arm at the rear of the knife.

  • The clamping system ensures a stable cut, either by making a 3 cm step cut or by making a groove with much smaller diameter blades.


  • Base: Use multiple ways dust
  • cover for vacuum connection HEPA
  • clamping system: Guarantees cutting stability
  • Self-adhesive felt strips included protect the work surface against
  • scratches Built-in circuit switch earth perfect for
  • use on curved cutting blades

1 YEAR warranty

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