Hardener Catalyst for Putties
Hardener Catalyst for Putties

Catalyst Hardener for Putties 50gr


Catalyst to activate the catalysis of thermosetting polyester resins.

The use of catalysts during the use of polyester putties is essential to obtain the solidification reaction.

Available in 50 gr.



Tips for use

  • Avoid using putty at temperatures below 10°C as it may not fully catalyze.
  • Air humidity can affect reaction times, so it is not recommended to apply in high humidity environments.
  • Never catalyze a whole can of putty at once to avoid accelerated hardening.
  • Using a different amount of catalyst than the described catalysis percentage may delay or prevent catalysis or cause color variations in the resin; therefore, stick to the indicated catalysis percentage.
  • Component A and component B should be obtained with different spatulas.
  • Do not work with adhesive that has already thickened or is in the gelation phase.
  • Tools can be polished with nitro-dilution.
  • Before use, carefully read the label recommendations and perform a preliminary test.

Safety measures

In addition to good work practices, please consult the CE safety data sheets and comply with regulations regarding workplace safety laws.

Capacidad Litros
40 ml
Scent characteristic
Specific gravity at 20 ° C 1.08 ± 0.02
Solubility Insoluble in water
pH N.D.
Storage at 20 ° C 12 months in its original presentation
Presentation liquid
Color transparent
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