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MASER and VEEGOO: A Strategic Alliance for Innovation in Industrial Machinery

This agreement represents a significant step in the expansion and diversification of our advanced machinery offerings for the ceramic, inert aggregate, and natural stone sectors.

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Cleaning of Porcelain Countertops

Discover the best products to keep your porcelain countertops spotless. With Maser's specialized products, you can clean, repair, and protect your countertops, ensuring durability and lasting shine. Keep your kitchen or bathroom always in top condition with solutions specifically designed for porcelain countertops.

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5 Best Home Brighteners: Complete Guide

Discover the top 5 home polishers that revitalize and protect surfaces such as granite, marble, quartz, ceramic, and porcelain. From shiny countertops to slip-resistant floors, these Maser products provide deep cleaning and a durable protective layer. Keep your home spotless and protected with specialized solutions.

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8 Perfect Products for Home Disinfection

Maintaining a disinfected home is essential to protect our family from germs and viruses. Disinfection eliminates microorganisms that can cause diseases and reduces allergens, contributing to overall well-being. For effective disinfection, you should clean beforehand, use appropriate products, and ventilate the treated areas well. Use MASER disinfectant products to ensure a safe and pathogen-free home.

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Honeycomb Panels: The Ultimate Solution for All Industries

The blog highlights honeycomb panels as versatile and efficient solutions for various industries. It explains their hexagonal cell structure that provides high strength with low weight, ideal for applications in transportation, construction, packaging, electronics, and more. Types such as paper, aluminum, and carbon fiber composites are mentioned, each tailored to specific needs for strength and lightness.

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Best Products for Cleaning Porcelain Floors

The porcelain floor is a popular choice for its durability and elegance, but keeping it clean can be a challenge. At MASER, we offer you the best solutions to keep your floor spotless and shiny.

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