Many marbleists suffer injuries due to the excess of force that involves loading such heavy materials as granite countertops, marble, chipboard, etc. To avoid these problems the use of suction cups is recommended and is a great help. In addition to benefiting our health and avoiding injuries, it provides greater security in the transport of the piece.

Suction cups are used to facilitate the handling, transport and placement of heavy worktops of various materials. There is a wide variety of models, depending on the function and the place where they will be used.

Manuals and Pneumatics

In both cases the adhesion of both to the surface is quite similar. It is pressed against the piece and the mechanism that produces the vacuum is activated, at which point it is attached to it and facilitates its handling.

For the transport and direct placement of the countertop, there are two types: the manual ones (manual action of the vacuum) and the automatic ones that guarantee a constant subjection by means of a small pump. Its possibility of adapting to the measures of the piece, its handling in small spaces and the quick release valves make the withdrawal of the product is done easily and quickly, which will prevent damage in the transfer process.

The manual suction cups are a great novelty in the installation, placement and fixing of countertops at an angle, in very specific spaces and the union of joints that until then were insurmountable due to the lack of tools.

In the case of pneumatics, its use is aimed at factories and workshops that need to transport a table for storage or handling. To perform this action, there are the suction cups that perform the venturi effect by means of compressed air (pneumatic) produced by an electric pump, which can be supplied in two versions: automatic turning (by means of a pneumatic piston) or manual turning.

The structure of these is more complex, since they are composed of a metal frame equipped with a fixed or adjustable suspension clamp, on whose end the ring has been fixed to be attached to a crane. The clamping and release of the plates is done by operating a vacuum opening device.

How to use the suction cups:

  1. We place the suction cup on the crane and on the guide (in the case of pneumatics) with the help of the pistons adjust the suction cups to the extent we need.
  2. We place the suction cup on the piece that we are going to handle. It presses against the countertop or table and we actuate the mechanism that produces the vacuum, always making sure that it is well held.
  3. We again ensure that the piece is well attached to the suction cup and proceed to place it in a horizontal position.
  4. Carefully move the tables to the destination.

In this video we can see how the transport and placement is done with the Sink Hole Saver Manual suction cup of a countertop from when it leaves the workshop until it is placed in the kitchen, without the piece suffering damage and making its transport more comfortable. Take a look!

Security conditions:

It is important to take into account the following safety points so as not to suffer any mishap or seriously damage the material.

The suction cup can only be used in non-porous materials that are full, smooth, self-supporting and sufficiently resistant to the pressure exerted for the intake, of adequate dimensions and consistency (the surface of the plate to be lifted must be greater than the support surface of the relative suction plates).

Remove any protective films before lifting the material to prevent the load from falling.

Verify, after slowly lifting the load to a height of 20-25 cm, the centrality and efficiency of the clamping of all the plates in operation before continuing with the handling.

Do not lift the board to very high heights.

Never rest the suction cup on surfaces that have acids, solvents or products that could damage the joints.



Why choose suction cups with different mechanisms or systems?

In Maser we have a wide variety of manual and pneumatic suction cups, adapted to the size and weight of the material to be lifted, as well as the place where the work is going to be carried out, and that seek to meet the needs of our customers. Our wide offer with the latest developments in the sector, are available in our online store where you will also find videos and technical sheets of each of them, which will help you to know its use.

If you want to receive more information and personalized advice you can write to or call us at 91 628 7400 and we will help you answer your questions and offer you the best alternative to your needs.


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