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As professionals we must achieve the highest quality finishes to meet the most demanding clients. In materials such as stone it is not always simple because of its particular characteristics. Thus the final result of a countertop will depend on the correct choice of machinery and accessories.

The portable pneumatic tools for workshops are an excellent bet for their great versatility and precision in daily work. For this we are going to talk about the Circular Saw and the pneumatic Polisher and the possibilities they offer.

What processes are necessary to achieve the desired result?

Taking care of all the elements involved in the process of making our final piece is essential, since a failure could spoil hours of work.

The first thing is to make a precise cut, so we will save time of grinding and polishing, with the consequent saving in time and materials.

The PSC-150 CIRCULAR SAW is the perfect power tool for this type of work. It is equipped with a powerful motor with speed regulation, which facilitates the realization of more precise cuts, in addition to a hose that provides great mobility during water injection. We can complement it with the rails kit and clamping base, which provides total control of the saw.

Once the cutting process was done, we would proceed to polishing. But what does it consist of?

As we know, polishing is the action of smoothing something to perfection to achieve the best possible surface finish. And for this to be possible as in the previous process, we will need the help of a quality tool that performs this action.

The PULIDORA AIR-684 is a high performance electric pneumatic machine that thanks to its central water distribution system achieves high quality finishes. With this tool we will eliminate imperfections such as small scratches, pores and abrasions, in order to achieve a smooth and shiny finish.

Ergonomically designed and equipped with flexible 4.5 meter air and water supply hoses, used in combination with the adjustable base and rails, they provide it with high precision and versatility, being able to make bevels from 15º to 90º, and even use it as an option to get semi invisible joints.


Learn more about the Circular Saw and Pneumatic Polisher in our online catalog.

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