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The stone sector in full technological revolution, demands tools that facilitate heavy work and reduce space, with optimal use of the storage place.

A correct storage and transport system plays an important role in the internal logistics operations of a workshop. Good handling and conservation of the piece to its destination is vital, if we want our work to be distinguished by quality.

There are many systems currently on the market that help solve this problem or at least improve it. But are they reliable? Marble or granite boards are a product of great value and their breakage or damage can be a great economic loss. Many manufacturers advise placing wooden or metal beams protected with rubber, but this system is outdated and provides little security.

In MASER we are aware of this situation, and therefore we seek to solve the needs that our customers transmit to us daily. For this we have expanded the offer of products for the transport and storage of tables, incorporating eight new products intended for this purpose. Their quality and ease of use make them the most innovative and practical in the sector.

The size and material with which they have been manufactured make them light and resistant, avoiding scratches or damage to the material, thanks to its rubber coating. In addition, they have been designed to adapt to other tools or machines that are commonly used in the workplace.

New range of workshop tools

Within this new range we find three groups: Storage, transport and lifting.


Storage Rack: With the dimensions of the bars of 180 x 6.35 cm and 152x 28 x 14 cm for the rail, it supports up to 2700 kg of weight, which makes it perfect for the storage of tables in the workshop.

Folding support type “A”: Light support, but of great resistance, up to 5,400 kg on each side, which makes it perfect for the classification of the table, during

the work process. It has a height of 147 cm and a base of 152 x 152 cm.

Adjustable height stand: ideal to work on it at the height we want, from 91 to 106 cm. Its rubber base prevents the board from being damaged. It supports up to 226 Kg.







Transport Rack: This car is the ideal accessory for transporting boards inside the workshop from one place to another, avoiding loading with it and the possible damages or consequences that may arise from this. Lightweight material For the support of the piece is equipped with slings and its base and bars are protected with rubber, which make it the perfect car.



Table of manufacture of countertops: It has 4 wheels for movement in the workplace where we want, as well as 4 legs that provide stability during possible work on it. Coated on the base with rubber that prevents damage, it supports up to 272 kg. As an advantage it allows the union with another table, both longitudinally and transversely.






Lift arm: Ideal accessory for our forklift. It supports up to 1500 kg of weight and can be extended up to 2.5 meters. It is ideal for the movement and placement of the tables in the workshop.


Sling separation bar: Ideal complement for the transport of boards. Large in size, it allows positioning the slings at the appropriate distance so that the movement is carried out in the safest way. It supports up to 4500 kg of weight and supports slings up to 10 cm wide.


Pair of slings: High strength belts, ideal for boards up to 2 meters. With a resistance of 7390 Kg and dimensions of 7.6 cm and 259 cm of travel.




Discover the one that best suits you on the MASER website and request your budget!!


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