Professional Storage and Transportation Solutions

//Professional Storage and Transportation Solutions

The daily work carried out in workshops and stone factories is very physical, having to use the force to lift and transport large pieces on many occasions. This activity can generate mishaps that seriously affect the health of the worker, as well as possible risks of breakage or damage to the material. In Maser we are aware of the situation that is lived day by day in the companies of the sector, that is why we have expanded and improved our transport and storage product offer.

For this we have expanded the catalog of products of the leading American brand GROVES. The good results and quality of the product it offers, as well as its good reception in the market, has generated an exclusive distribution agreement for its products in Spain and throughout Europe.

What products facilitate mobility in a factory?


Among those that stand out the most, due to their variety of measures and technical characteristics are the transport carts, designed with comfortable wheels that have a simple mechanism that turns the transport tool into a storage one. Made of galvanized steel, rubber coated and grip straps that prevent damage. Thus tables or countertops can be transported in the workshop and easily loaded into the truck that will take them to the installation site, without being damaged.


The star product is the Storage Rack, used by numerous leading companies in the sector, as is the case of the Cosentino Group in its North American warehouses. Constructed of extruded aluminum to provide a strong and lightweight storage solution. They allow storing tables, cuts, finished products, remnants, remains easily and in an organized way.

But the thing is not there, the manufacturing tables are perfect for placement and work on these of the countertops that need the latest finishes. They can join each other creating angles of 90 degrees and have clamps that fix the pieces to the table. Its legs allow it to remain fixed to the ground during processing and its wheels transport once completed. In addition, the tiltable model reduces unnecessary efforts and loads for the operator.


The product offer is very wide, and in addition to the items described above, the systems for fixing miter countertops, easels and work stands, as well as forklift arms for trucks and elingas that make the work safer and space Employee is less.


Discover in our online store all the available product offer, about which you can consult technical details, appearance, request information and personalized quotation.

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