DEP Water Purification Systems

//DEP Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems DEPE In workshops and factories that work with materials such as Natural Stone, Quartz Agglomerates and Ceramic Materials, many silica residues are produced that contaminate the water used by the machine. From the union of the waste of the stone with the water, a mud is created that has to be treated and disposed of correctly. This issue has led to the increase of protection and safety measures at work, and therefore the increase in concern for health and environmental care.

If we do not treat and dispose of this waste in the right way, it can cause problems that are harmful to both our health and the ecosystem.

Another important aspect to consider is the large amount of water that is invested in the manufacture of these materials, and the consequent economic and natural resources expenditure.

The laws are very clear in this regard, requiring both those responsible for manufacturing plants and the authorities in each region, the regulation and control of industrial water discharges that occur to public sanitation systems or rivers. The damages that these can cause would be very serious, and therefore the amount of fines to those responsible for uncontrolled spills are comparable to the magnitude of the damages. In regions such as the Principality of Asturias the law is clear, leaving a record in the BOE. In others, such as the Community of Madrid, the water discharge request controls are very demanding.


Treating the wastewater used by cutting machines and at the same time their daily use in workshops and factories, it is simple with the systems that the Italian brand Turrini makes available to us with the installation of the DEP-C and DEP-QC purification systems.

These water treatment plants allow us to decant and recycle the water we are working with, in addition to complying with the law on industrial discharges and water recycling.

Decantation is a chemical process by which two mixed substances (water and dust generated by cutting the stone) are separated with the help, in this case, of a chemical called flocculant. This mixture causes the dust particles, when in contact with the chemical agent, to thicken and fall to the bottom thanks to the increase in their weight. These are deposited in the lower part of the silo, the main element of the purification system, for subsequent extraction and disposal.

What parts are these systems made of?



It is the main and largest system element. Its shape, circular or stable, does not vary its functionality, like that of the pit, which must be conical. The most relevant difference is that the square has less height, so it is suitable for interiors, being able to install it in a corner without wasting space. Both silos are made of stainless steel of the highest quality.



Its shape and its inclination of almost 1%, allows water to circulate better without causing mud accumulations.



In a circular shape with conical bottom so that the sludge does not accumulate in the corners and for a correct functioning of the system that will prevent breakdowns. Made of stainless steel and located very close to the DEP machine.



The main characteristic of the pump is that it is submerged in a fixed position, the level probes being located in the upper separate part of the silo, in addition to being provided with a silo connection tube. Another feature to highlight is its automatic water filling when the tank falls below the minimum level required.



The injection and automatic mixing of the flocculant with water is the great advantage of this system, it is only necessary to fill the tank two or three times a month and the station autonomously is responsible for dispensing the appropriate amount (Environment at 300 l / water + 300g / flocculant).

Decanting speed is equal to the speed of water dragging: its main function is that the dirt particles fall and a more spongy mud is formed.



The extraction pump incorporates a timer for automatic work. This timer is very simple and quick to learn to use.



Designed to be simple and convenient to use, as well as being a cheap solution that requires little maintenance. It is only advisable to keep them in the shade, so that their wear is less.





It has two pumps, of which one is emergency in case of breakage. They are responsible for introducing water at the necessary pressure.



Option available low demand, so that the presence of an operator in charge of system control would not be necessary.





Now you can purchase the Turrini Water Purification system, simply and with the best financing conditions in the market, thanks to the MASER Renting service.

You only have to write an email to or call us at +34 91 628 74 00. We will contact you and answer all your questions.

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