How to polish edges in marble, granite, quartz and porcelain

//How to polish edges in marble, granite, quartz and porcelain


Polishing and polishing edges in marble or stone, is a task typical of the workshops dedicated to working with stone. In them, they intervene with the right tools and conditions for polishing the pieces. Both in paving slabs, cladding and countertops. But it also happens that this work must be carried out by countertop installers. Which must polish and polish edges in marble and other material in the same work, where the conditions are far from being the most ideal.

The first thing we must do is be clear if we are going to carry out the polishing dry or wet (in case of polishing with manual machines). From a finishing and speed point of view, the best results are usually obtained with a wet polish. In addition to extending the useful life of diamond sandpaper, by reducing passes and friction temperature. And thus avoid the formation of dust clouds and the dreaded Silicosis. On the other hand, these equipments require a connection to a water inlet for the machines. In addition to facilities prepared for the evacuation of excess water not always available in work areas. Which in the end leads us to have to work dry polishing.

BelLux, is the range of tools that we recommend for polishing edges in marble, granite, quartz or porcelain.

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We must know that the polishing process covers several phases, starting with the initial roughing with coarse grit sandpaper. And ending with finer grit sandpaper, which are the ones with which we are going to obtain the final shine. This aspect should be taken into account since we are going to have to change sandpaper several times. We recommend the self-adhesive grip in diameter 100 diamonds. And totally suitable for polishing and polishing edges on marble or any material. Without a doubt, a grip that allows you to change scarves quickly, easily and safely.


To obtain the best results when polishing and polishing edges on marble, granite, quartz and porcelain materials dry, it is advisable to wet the edge to be polished.


“The best option is to equip yourself with a set of sandpaper that can be used for both wet and dry work.”

To do this, just wet the surface to be polished with a cloth with water. In this way, we will appreciate that diamond sandpaper works much better. Therefore, we have to make fewer passes, and the result is more optimal. Which will allow us to extend the life of the sandpaper.

The second thing is to take into account the tools that are going to be necessary, so we must choose the appropriate sandpaper. Those that work and serve us both dry or wet and that cover the widest possible spectrum in terms of materials to be polished.

Diamond sandpaper for polishing in seven or three steps?

The grits that comprise our Complete Kit of Bellux diamond flexible sandpaper, valid on any stone surface. And they range from:

gama pulido, pulir y abirllantar cantos de mármol, Maser, maquinaria de piedra, mármol, granito, piedra

  • The 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3600
  • And the final buff white, for light materials
  • Black buff, for dark materials. With it you will get the final finish you want

We also recommend our Bellux sandpaper in three steps with a diameter of 100, and for dry and wet work. Which are valid for any stone surface and with which we will save time and resources. Since they reduce the polishing steps from eight to three.

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How to polish a countertop?

Once we have chosen our sandpaper we must follow the following steps:


  1. CHOOSING THE MACHINE WITH WHICH WE ARE GOING TO CARRY OUT THE POLISHING: At Maser we recommend the ALPHA VSP-340 ELECTRIC POLISHER WITH WATER ADJUSTABLE SPEED 700-2500RPM. Also for workshops the ALPHA AIR-834 HIGH PERFORMANCE PNEUMATIC POLISHER 4000RPM. Both are suitable for all types of natural stone or quartz agglomerate countertops. It has a fixing system by self-adhesive grip for a quick change of accessories
    limpieza de encimera ,pulir y abirllantar cantos de mármol, Maser, maquinaria de piedra, mármol, granito, piedra
  2. CLEANING THE COUNTERTOP: Spray the surface with BELCARE marble cleaner or the specific one for each material. Clean the countertop with a soft sponge or a non-abrasive microfiber cloth. Dry with a clean paper towel or microfiber cloth.
  3. POLISH: If we use polish without having previously removed all the stains, the waxes will seal the pores that absorbed the stains. In this way, the original colors will remain more embedded and deteriorated forever. We recommend the BelCare SHINE WAX auto polish, which is easy to apply and guarantees the best finishes for stone surfaces. As well as the Bellinzoni special preparation, both in wax and in liquid, which will make you obtain spectacular results.


There are other aspects to take into account when polishing and polishing edges in marble or stone in general. As important as the rest, which are none other than those relating to security. From the National Silicosis Institute and MASER we make a series of recommendations:

  1. First, to work the polishing of the stone with complete safety, it is to support it and hold it firmly enough so that it does not displace it while making the passes and that can lead to accidents with manual polishing machines. It is important to have a good clamping system or miter-it, as well as any other type of clamping system.
    miter-it,pulir y abirllantar cantos de mármol, Maser, maquinaria de piedra, mármol, granito, piedra
  2. Another important aspect is to place the pieces at a comfortable height. Which does not force us to adapt forced and uncomfortable postures during the polishing process and that may end up being a source of origin for future health problems. How can muscle or joint pain be.
  3. And we cannot forget to work with the protective elements, masks, glasses, gloves, ear plugs. As with the tool in good condition, using common sense is also vital.
  4. Protect ourselves from any dust atmosphere, mainly from materials such as quartz or granite. Which are the cause of the Silicosis disease.

Countertop Maintenance

Once this process of polishing and polishing marble or stone edges is finished, we give you a recommendation. And we recommend that you treat your countertop with our BelCare kits for cleaning, protection, repair and polishing. Specific treatments for each type of Materials:

kit belcare,pulir y abirllantar cantos de mármol, Maser, maquinaria de piedra, mármol, granito, piedra

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