High Vacuum Metallization or VACUUM

//High Vacuum Metallization or VACUUM

In MASER we have the widest range of products for the stone sector, always with the highest quality and guarantee. Recently we have incorporated the range of Vacuum accessories. It is a very interesting type of product, but with little knowledge of it in the sector. So we will try to solve the doubts and explain what is the High Vacuum Metallization or VACUUM.


What is High Vacuum Metallization or VACUUM?

It is the process of coating and vacuum metallizing that adds a thin film, similar to a chrome plating, of diamond particles on the treated piece, such as strawberries and drills for cutting or roughing stone. Technically it can be defined as a process of gasification in high vacuum, which allows to apply thin layers of materials on the piece.

What allow us to make the accessories with VACUUM metallization?


The versatility of the accessories by Vacuum metallization is very large. Thanks to its properties, we can achieve an excellent result, since they allow us to cut, rough or drill wet or dry surfaces.


What advantages does VACUUM have over other types of metallization?

Among the advantages we find in Vacuum accessories, we can highlight mainly its high working speed and high performance. Its double layer of synthetic diamond, allows us to work with all kinds of materials getting excellent quality finishes. Vacuum mills and drills from BelCut are suitable for manual or automatic machines.


Why choose Maser’s range of BelCut accessories and not others?

The more than 40 years that MASER has been present in the stone sector, makes us have a deep knowledge of the demands and needs of our customers. This allows us to offer the most complete professional range of tools, machinery and tools. In search of offering the best service, we have created the BelCut brand, specialized in tools and accessories for cutting, roughing, polishing … among which are those of high vacuum metallization or Vacuum.



Find your tools now in www.cimaser.com/tienda.





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