BelCare, the brand of surface chemicals everyone wants

//BelCare, the brand of surface chemicals everyone wants

BelCare, the brand of surface chemicals everyone wants

BelCare is undoubtedly one of the best brands of chemical products for surface treatment. A very extensive and specific range for each material. Developed and formulated to solve the daily needs for both the consumer at home and the professional sector. With BelCare and BelCare Professional and after 45 years of experience, the Maser Group offers a wide range of products. With high quality and efficiency to treat all materials for countertops, floors, facades, furniture, etc.
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Not only for the stone or construction sector, but for a non-professional consumer. For which BelCare offers solutions for cleaning and maintenance treatments for kitchen and bathroom countertops. As well as virucidal and bactericidal disinfectant products for the prevention of infections.

BelCare assures all customers quality and cutting-edge products for every need that arises at the time


A range made up of a wide variety of cleaning products, to cover all the needs of each material. Different cleaning and care solutions for each countertop, floor or surface.

Within this family there are professional cleaners and household cleaners. The formulation of these products allows their penetration into the surface pore. Therefore, they eliminate any remaining impurity or dirt that has altered its original appearance.


At BelCare Professional, we find a great variety among which we highlight:

  • Special alkaline products for marble as they do not damage them
  • There are also much more aggressive acid cleaners for harder surfaces
  • Specific products to provide solutions to specific problems such as the elimination of verdigris
  • There are also products for the elimination of fats or oils, humidity adhered to the pore of the stone
  • Products for cleaning graffiti, paints, adhesives, waxes or gum

The BelCare range is aimed at the final consumer for the home and for the HORECA sector. In it we find cleaners for all stone surfaces, countertops and furniture. Among these, we highlight the complete kits for treating kitchen or bathroom surfaces and countertops. A professional product for easy and effective use at home. Specific kits for each surface of:  Ceramics Stone

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When dirt has penetrated the surface pore and conventional cleaning products cannot remove it, it is necessary to use a good repair agent. But what does it consist of? Repairing gels or creams, thanks to their chemical composition, penetrate the pore of the countertop. They remove traces of dirt and light marks produced by utensils of daily use. For example, the marks of pans or pots that normally have occurred on the edge of the pile.
All BelCare repairers are aimed at homes looking to keep their countertop looking elegant and looking its best.
Do you want to see how a repair is applied to a Silestone® countertop?


Composed of several products that maintain and restore the shine of floors or countertops. Surfaces that have lost their natural beauty due to daily use. In the home range, products are available that individually maintain the shine of worktops made of different materials. Neolith® or Dekton®, Silestone® or Compac®, in addition to marbles and granites installed in kitchens or bathrooms.
The professional range has waxes with different compositions, to generate different effects on the shine of the surface.
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Do you handle food on the counter that you are going to clean, polish, repair or protect?

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The entire BelCare range has Food Safe certification, which guarantees the non-contamination and toxicity of the surface. Allowing contact with food from the treated surfaces.


Wide family made up of water repellent protectors and hydro-oil repellent protectors. Both types have the same objective, which is to prevent particles of dirt, impurities or contamination from penetrating the pore of the stone. They generate a protective barrier against all of them, lengthening and maintaining the original color and appearance for longer. In the case of hydro-oil repellents, in addition to water, they prevent fats or oils from penetrating.
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Each of these protectors is aimed at a type of material and to produce a type of effect different from the rest. This way we can protect a facade from paint, gum or graffiti without altering the color. If, on the other hand, we find a slate floor that has lost its color and has become opaque, we can revitalize it and increase its color again.

Putties and Resins

This is without doubt the most professional category of the BelCare brand. Its products are aimed at marble workers and countertop installers who are looking for the best quality and results. Here we will find adhesives of various types such as epoxy, polyurethane or polyester, in solid and liquid formats.
Not just any adhesive is used to join countertops made of, for example, marble or Silestone®. Therefore, we will need one or the other depending on the result and hardness we are looking for.
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Learn more about which adhesive to choose by entering it here: Adhesives for stone.

In hotels, restaurants or shopping centers we find beautiful marble or granite floors. But that elegance that stone brings, is tarnished when the floor becomes a hazard, causing customers to slip and fall. BelCare has thought about this problem. It has a family of non-slip treatments, which guarantee great results and durability of the application over time.

The different products allow to maintain the color without altering it, enhancing it or generating a wet effect. Thus ceramic floors, which are very slippery when wet, reach low levels of slipperiness after applying the treatment.

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As we said at the beginning of this article, BelCare seeks to provide solutions to the day-to-day problems that arise to our clients. It is for this reason, that due to the crisis produced by COVID-19, a line of disinfectant and virucidal products has been expanded. For the cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, spaces and objects that may be a source of contagion.
BelCare has products for the disinfection and cleaning of tables, bathrooms, knobs or hands. All of them have been formulated with a high power of elimination and destruction of viruses.
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Become a BelCare distributor for your area, your province or your country

Know and enjoy the great advantages of being a BelCare distributor. If you want to start selling our products, you can contact us through our form.

All products can be purchased online through our Specialized Store. You can also request information and advice from our experts through our form.
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