Marbres Barcelona and its experience with the Breton Combi

//Marbres Barcelona and its experience with the Breton Combi

We interviewed Marbres Barcelona to tell us about their experience at all levels with the Breton Combi. A combined cutting work centre with diamond disc + numerically controlled Waterjet, for cutting panels to size. Its cutting unit is composed of a diamond blade head and a Waterjet head rotating around its axis (4th axis). It is also equipped with motorised tilting from 0 to 50° (5th axis optional).


Having a Breton Combi in your workshop means saving 85% of the material used. Compared to the 65% that is usually used on other jobs without this combined cutting work centre.



Marbres Barcelona has its facilities (factory, offices and showroom) in Sabadell (next to Ikea), 15 minutes from Barcelona. They are very experienced marble workers with more than 25 years of experience in the marble sector. They work with natural stone such as national and imported marbles, national and imported granites. They also work with quartz materials such as Silestone by Cosentino, Compac Quartz, Quarella, Santamargherita, Caesarstone and porcelain tiles such as Techlam by Levantina, Neolith by Thesize, Dekton by Cosentino and Lanic.




QUESTION: Why did you decide to buy the Breton Combi and what does it offer you compared to other competing products?

MARBRES BARCELONA: One of the main reasons is our confidence in both Breton and Maser. We installed one of their machines about 15 years ago and during this time it has worked correctly and we didn’t want to take any risks with such an important machine for the workshop, we had to play it safe.

Compared to other competing products, it gives us more accuracy and reliability.


Q: In your opinion, what is the productivity you can get from this advanced machining centre?

MB: We expect to be able to have 50% more productivity.


Q: How long does Marbres Barcelona plan to amortise the cost of this machine?

MB: We think in about 4 years or so.


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Q: The installation and commissioning of this machine is very quick as it does not require a foundation. What is your experience in this respect?

MB: It was a very quick, clean installation, so much so that we were already doing cutting tests within two weeks.


Q: How accurate is the combination of disc and waterjet cutting giving you?

MB: The precision is perfect and it is very easy to adjust the wear of the focuser.

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Q: We would like you to tell us what jobs you can now do with the Breton Combi that you couldn’t do with the previous cutting machine.

MB: It opens up a wide range of possibilities, where the limit is in the imagination.

We show you in this video, how Marbres Barcelona cuts with its Combi, a perfect bike!



Q: Regarding the Smart intelligence system used for the cutting process, can you state that the software used is user-friendly?

MB: Yes, it is totally simple and easy to use.


Q: Does the 45° cutting technology used in the Breton Combi offer any advantages over other traditional cutters?

MB: As mentioned above, it brings speed and precision.



Q: In your daily work at Marbres Barcelona you use a measuring system. Is the software of your system compatible with that of the machine?

MB: Yes, our measurement system generates a .DXF file which is what the machine needs.


Q: What did you like most about the service offered?

MB: The high level of knowledge of the technician who came to install and commission the machine, both mechanically, in terms of cutting programming and software. He knows all the parameters of the machine 100%.


Q: How would you rate the service and commercial attention received by Maser? (from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best score)

MB: Our rating for Maser is 5 stars.


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Firstly, the Waterjet pump system is supplied by KMT/Waterjet Systems. They will also provide the purchaser/user with an international warranty service for the Waterjet cutting system.


The diamond blade cutting head is well dimensioned and equipped with a reversing device for the continuous variation of the blade rotation speed. It is also equipped with a laser tracker for the visualisation of the cutting direction.

The inclination of the cutting unit (diamond blade and Waterjet head) is automatic, motorised and programmable in any position from 0° to 50° (5° axis optional) for the execution of inclined cuts. This can be done either in full pass or in the required increments. A clear example would be for the execution of veils at 45°.

On the other hand, the COMBI is equipped with a state-of-the-art Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL continuous numerical control (CNC) control unit, digitally controlled on PC architecture and personal computer with Intel processor and Windows XP operating system. Moreover, the control panel is adjustable, with keyboard and graphic display on the monitor, with colour touch screen and USB port.


It is equipped with a portable control panel, connected by cable to the console, which duplicates the main controls (axes management + handwheel, emergency stop). In this way, the operator can closely monitor, directly on the workpiece, the correct performance of certain particularly delicate operations.


How does MASER help me to know if this machine is perfect for my workshop?

To start with, at MASER we have a specialised team to advise you. To do so, you will have to contact us (click here→ CONTACT), and there you will receive specialised attention without obligation. What’s more, both the guarantee and the quality of our technical assistance offer maximum coverage.

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