One of the most common needs in small and medium-sized workshops is to have portable or fixed construction machinery that allows dynamism. That it is not of great volume, but that it allows to carry out essential works of elaboration and cutting of boards for stone or ceramic. As a global supplier, at Maser we are aware of this important demand from the stone market. And therefore, we offer solutions adapted to the different characteristics and needs of marble workers.

Tailor-made solutions for every need of marble workers and workshops

Currently the market demands quality stone, tile or concrete cutters. A construction or workshop machinery, which depends on the needs of each client. Therefore, it must allow to obtain cuts of pieces with perfect measurements and angles. There are many types of cutters on the market for both the stone and construction industries. However, not all of them have the quality to cut materials such as marble, granite, ceramic or concrete. Maser has a wide range of quality construction and workshop machinery, designed for each job or customer needs.

1. Marble, ceramic and synthetic materials cutting machine

CPVAV ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granitoBridge saw CPVAV-G 

It is the most complete workshop machine on the market. Available in up to seven useful cut versions, from 1,000 to 3,500 mm. And it adapts to the client’s demands. Its characteristics include its special bridge for cuts at 45º, which guarantees maximum precision in the cut. Therefore it is suitable for stone, ceramic or synthetic materials. It also has adjustable speed in advance. It has a motorized movement of the head, in both directions of travel. In addition to a water collection tray with a built-in recirculation pump, among many other features.

Fixed bridge saw with manual feed for marble and granite boards CPAV

CPVA ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granitoSimilar to the previous one, this cutter has a manual feed with a fixed bridge. It is characterized by being compact and robust for cutting stone such as marble, granite or terrazzo. It allows up to a length of boards of 1300mm. Therefore it is suitable for use on construction sites and small workshops. Its tilt bridge from 40 ° to 95 ° is designed for inclined cuts and designed for maximum precision. It has a water collection tray. Which includes a built-in recirculation pump for disc cooling.


Bridge saw with manual feed CPAM

Manual cutter with fixed bridge with crank feed for cutting stone, marble and granite boards. With tilting bridge and water collection tray. In addition to a built-in recirculation pump. The lateral support benches increase stability and facilitate the movement of the boards.

  • Available in 6 useful cutting options: 150 – 200 – 250 – 300 – 330 – 350 mm


↓ In this video you can see more about CPVAV-G ↓

Rotary head cutter for angle cuts CCA

CCA ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granito

This construction machinery is characterized by its rotating function for angular cuts in stone boards. Simplify cutting into small pieces, tiles, and design pieces. Available with manual head movement (+ 45 ° to -45 ° with precision positioner) or motorized.


  • With maximum cutting precision, thanks to its special bridge design
  • Has a vertical / transverse advance of the group manually
  • Its maximum width of pieces is 600mm head 0 ° / 400mm head 45 °



Fixed bridge saw for materials of great thickness and hardness CPG

CPG ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granito

Monoblock motorized machine with a fixed bridge, equipped with a tensioned and chromed active bridge, which guarantees great robustness and cutting precision. It is characterized by being very robust and suitable for cutting large thicknesses and hard materials. It has lateral fasteners, which allow the work surface to be lengthened, facilitating the movement of the tabletop. It also has a side stop device that facilitates parallel cuts.


Motorized bridge saw for easy processing of large boards CPM

Robust and compact cutter that has the essentials of the smallest cutters. It also has an improved loom. It has the possibility of mounting a roller table to better move large boards. Without a doubt, it has been designed according to the needs of the clients.

CPM ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granito

  • Robust and compact loom, completely in sandblasted steel and with a ceramic interior (hot zinc-plated on request)
  • Advance: motorized movement of the head with adjustable speed in both directions of travel
  • Cutting depth regulation: motorized cutting depth regulation on the “Z” axis by means of a gear motor.
  • Bridge Tilt – Manual Bridge Tilt for angled cuts from 90 ° to 45 °
  • Worktop: made up of galvanized steel slats
  • Clamps and side stop: the worktop with 6 side clamps to clamp even the largest boards. Lateral stop to facilitate the cutting of the pieces.

If this machine stands out for something compared to the others, it is because of its advantages. As the maximum precision of cut guaranteed by the special design of the bridge. It is also suitable for ceramic boards and sintered materials. With a motorized movement of the head with adjustable speed in both directions of travel.

↓ In this video you can see more about the CPM ↓

Construction machinery for tiles and concrete

But what we need is a tool that allows us to carry out more specific jobs and more agility on site. Smaller portable construction machinery will be what we will need. For installers, portable machines such as tile cutters have sliding or movable carriages.

They have the possibility of installing cutting discs from 250 to 350 mm. They have control of the depth of cut thanks to a tilting system. This construction machinery is designed with folding wheels and legs for transport. As well as aluminum trays for less weight and longer life. Made of hot-dip galvanized steel and varnished for maximum resistance.

Some examples depending on the work we do are these:

Portable construction cutter for multidirectional angle cuts CPCA

This machine by its design allows the realization of multiple jobs. It is a rotary construction cutter for angular cuts in all directions.
CPAC ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granito

  • Robust structure in galvanized steel Manual tilt bridge for cuts 90-45 °
  • Manual feed with rotation of the head unit ± 45 ° / 0 ° with mechanical calls at ± 45 ° / 22.5 ° / 0°
  • Manual adjustment of cutting depth with tilting system
  • Removable tray in shockproof ABS, so it has an easy cleaning and splits sludge

In addition, it is these characteristics that it has folding legs and side handles. Which help your displacement. It also has a collection tray with recirculation of water for disc cooling.

Portable Tile Cutter CPA

This lightweight, portable cutter is ideal for tiles, thanks to its sliding head. As well as for the realization of paving stones. Its worktop in gummed sheet with handle and adjustable square, make it a resistant machine. Equipped with a water collection tray and a water recirculation system.

CPA ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granitoCharacteristics:

  • Folding legs
  • Manual cut adjustment with tilting system
  • Manual tilt of the bridge, cut 90 to 45 ° inclined
  • Manual feed of the head for useful cutting available in 4 sizes 600,800,1000,1300mm

Especially recommended for tilers and installers, who constantly move from one job site to another. It is robust and precise, and is characterized by high durability. Which makes it a safe investment.

Portable construction saw with sliding carriage for stone and thick materials CPDG

Portable cutter with sliding carriage for stone and thick building materials.

CPDG ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granito

  • Mounts Ø650mm disc Movable worktop in galvanized steel with handle for easy movement
  • Collection tray with built-in water recirculation system
  • Functional handles for movement of the plane and head
  • Easy transport thanks to its folding legs with built-in wheels

Manual adjustment of the cutting depth by means of a tilting system with handle and head locking system

  • Manual advance of the work plane, useful cut 750mm with tilting system.

As an accessory it has an angle square, available for the measurement of pieces.


Portable Site Cutter for Thick Building Materials and Blocks CPB


CPB ,Maquinaria de obra, maser, maquinaria para piedra, marmol, piedra, granitoPortable sliding head machine for thick building materials and Porotonand cement blocks. The worktop has been made of galvanized steel slats (adjustable handle and square). It has a manual tilt bridge for cutting inclined from 90 to 45 °

  • Folding legs
  • Manual depth of cut adjustment by crank
  • Manual feed head with useful cut 1000 or 1300mm

It has a robust, precise and compact structure; accuracy and durability are guaranteed. It can mount discs up to 650mm. It also has a water collection tray with recirculation system included.


Technical service


But not only the quality of the machines, the materials or their accessories make them a good construction machinery. A good technical assistance service is also necessary for repair, maintenance, as well as spare parts for the correct operation of the machine. Both technical assistance and accessories are part of the sales service that Maser offers to our customers.

If you want to know the complete range of portable construction machinery that Maser offers, click here: More Info. So we will send you a personalized offer with the machine you are looking for!

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