Remove once and for all the difficult stains of your stone

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How do we remove rust stains? And oil or coffee?

Before we must know that the natural stone, among many other characteristics, is able to absorb to a greater or lesser extent according to the porosity of the same. A granite is not the same as a marble, or a limestone and sandstone, not to mention the quartz agglomerates.

We will see how to remove all types of stains and how to protect ourselves from them whether you are a professional or a private individual.


To remove the rust stains from the stone we will use the Rust Remover, a Bellinzoni brand product formulated for the removal of this type of stains on all kinds of stones quickly and efficiently.

Main features:

  1. It does not contain acids and therefore can be used on polished marbles without compromising its brightness.
  2. Its gel presentation allows its use on vertical surfaces.
  3. The Rust Remover is effective in materials such as marble, marble-resin, granite, slate, terrazzo, clay, stoneware, ceramics and limestone.


So that the Rust Remover anti-rust gel acts with total efficiency, we apply the product directly on the stain without forgetting to put on gloves; we extend it with a spatula and let it act for 5 minutes, we will see how it changes color. Then, with the help of vaporized water we remove it. If necessary, we will repeat the action as many times as necessary, or we will let it act for longer if the stain is very deep.

To know more details about our Rust Remover gel, you can contact us or visit the product in our store.


SPOT REMOVER                                         

Spot Remover is our great ally to eliminate the most complicated stains.

Main features:

  1. Effective against oil, grease, coffee, moisture or saltpeter stains, among others.
  2. Penetrates the stone without damaging the shine or leaving shadows.
  3. The product is indicated to treat surfaces of marble, marble-resin, granite, slate, terrazzo, clay, stoneware, ceramics, cement and limestone.


The use of gloves is recommended for handling the stain remover. First it is important to wet the surface to be treated with water before applying the product; with the help of a spatula we will apply a uniform layer of Spot Remover of about 4-5 mm.

Then, we let the product act for a period of 2 to 3 hours by covering it with a plastic film (polyethylene or plastic food) to keep the paste moist and thus achieve a better absorption of the stain.

After 2-3 hours remove the film and let the paste air dry. Once dry (after 8-10 hours, depending on the ambient temperature), the paste dries to a whitish appearance.

Proceed to remove the residues of the paste with a brush and clean with LEM-3 Detergent (in the case of marble and calcareous stones) or with BERT-27 Detergent (in the case of granite and cooked stones).

To know more detail about our Spot Remover gel you can contact us or visit the product in our store.

We have already managed to eliminate the most complicated stains of the different materials!

MASER puts at your disposal a team of commercial agents who will advise you in a personalized way without any commitment. You can write to or call us at +34 91 628 74 00.

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