How to choose the right compressor for your pneumatic equipment

//How to choose the right compressor for your pneumatic equipment

Increasingly, the use of pneumatic equipment compared to electrical equipment, both for performance, durability and reliability of the tool, as well as for safety, is being imposed in the manufacturing and transformation workshops of natural stone and agglomerates, avoiding the risk of electrocution in contact with water.

The quality of the supplied air directly affects the performance of the machine and therefore the final finish resulting from its use.

Although in our sector air compressors are largely intended for the supply of air in a portable pneumatic tool, we have to take into account current and future needs when choosing and sizing our compressed air installation.

Traditionally, the piston compressor has been the most chosen option by price for low and lower quality air demands. However, current high-quality pneumatic equipment such as the Alpha® pneumatic tool for which MASER is an exclusive distributor for Europe, requires a constant and dry air flow that will guarantee the correct functioning of the equipment, thus ensuring the best final finish. , the choice of a screw compressor with a built-in dryer being necessary.

But let’s see before following the advantages of the screw compressor versus the piston:

Air produced: 95% of the sucked air compared to 75% of the sucked air, resulting in energy savings.

Vacuum running: in screw compressors we can regulate the idle running time (operation of the compressor without air production), compared to the start-stop system of the piston compressors, resulting in energy savings.

Sound level: 62-70 dB (A) versus 85-90 dB (A)

Duty cycle: 100% in charge versus 50-60%. The piston compressor limits the operating time due to its need to rest for cooling, compared to the continuous operation of the screw compressor thanks to its oil cooling.

Final air temperature: 20 ° C + temp. ambient versus 75 ° C + temp. environment, which helps in this case to avoid excessive water condensation.

Wear: the continuous friction of the pistons, cylinders, rings and valves causes wear causing the piston compressor to deliver less air in the long run with the same energy consumption. Screw compressors, lacking their friction blades, there is no wear and tear always producing the same air.


As important as the choice of the type of compressor is the correct installation of all its components and the correct sizing of these.

We can choose to acquire a compact group that integrates the screw, the boiler and the dryer in the same space:


Powers from 3hp to 30hp.

From 8 to 13 bar of pressure.

Up to 3,000 l / min of delivered air.

From 60 to 70 dB (A) maximum.

Preinstalled and preconfigured: plug, connect and use.

Compact: minimum space occupied.

Easy maintenance



Or we can choose to perform an installation tailored to our needs, depending on the air flow rates required at any time, the number of operators that can work simultaneously, etc.

In this case the traditional installation of compressed air will be as follows and in this order:

Compressor 8 to 13 bar pressure

Deposit from 100 to 3,000 lts

Air filter


Oil filter

Regulator, Assembly, Couplers, etc.


Although there is a tendency to dispense with the dryer to reduce investment, pneumatic equipment must work with dry air, avoiding sending water, however minimal, to the tools, which in the long run will suffer oxidation and / or corrosion problems, chalky residues and others, which will shorten the life of their equipment and cause production stoppages with the consequent economic damage.

For all this, MASER has incorporated into its product catalog the widest range of compact compressors, that is, boiler, compressor and dryer in one piece, or the possibility of acquiring each element separately to size the installation according to your requirements , or renovate and improve the existing installation

In accordance with the requirements of air flow and pressure of the range of pneumatic tool of Alpha® Professional Tools that MASER distributes exclusively, we recommend to all those professionals interested in their acquisition to verify that their current compressor meets the minimum and essential requirements for its correct operation and guarantee of finishes.

Especially for the Alpha® AIR-684 polisher and the Alpha® PSC-150 circular saw, our star products, we recommend the following models that will fully meet your technical requirements, all of them with built-in dryer:


Nuair Sirio 15hp, 10 bar, boiler of 500 liters and a flow of delivered air of 1,500 liters / min.




Nuair Star 15hp, 10 bar, boiler of 500 liters and a flow of delivered air of 1,500 liters / min.

The entire range of NUAIR compressors integrate components of the highest quality, European manufacturing and have an extensive technical service both in Spain and Portugal. Do not hesitate to contact us to request a quote or receive specialized advice from our commercial network.

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