Tips for cutting granite easily and safely

//Tips for cutting granite easily and safely

Cutting stone such as granite or other different materials can be a complicated task. That is why we must first take into account the work area when cutting this material.

There are many occasions in which when installing granite pieces or porcelain materials the installers are forced to have to adjust the dimensions of the pieces in situ, on site. This causes them to end up using a radial machine or grinder as a cutting tool. Likewise, this is also very common in workshops dedicated to the production of stone or quartz resin derivatives, among others, where manual work must be done on the pieces to achieve the desired finish. The tricks to cut granite or other materials are multiple and of vital importance to understand them to work well our piece.

The difficulty of this type of manual work is quite high. If we take into account the nature of the materials themselves, granite is a very resistant material with a high coefficient of resistance to cutting. In many of its varieties it can be prone to the appearance of the dreaded “sportiles”.

Ceramic materials can be easier to cut. If seen from the point of view of the opposition they exert to the cut, they are materials with a great susceptibility to chipping of the edges where the cut is carried out. Thus requiring the use of specific discs for these materials.

How to cut granite

For this reason, to obtain clean, well-executed and chip-free cuts, a series of specific skills and tools are necessary:

The first thing that should be emphasized would be the use of our own intelligence or common sense. A setter may receive criticism of his work of various kinds. What we must ensure is that these criticisms are focused on questions of taste, choice of material, color… and not on the grounds of poor execution. To avoid these uncomfortable situations, apart from our experience in the execution of these works, you must have a suitable manual machinery and of course a good diamond disc to obtain a perfect cut.

For this to be possible, from Maser we recommend BelCut discs, discs that allow clean and straight cuts, free of chips. This good performance can be given both in the cutting of granite and porcelain materials, working dry by using a radial machine. Our extensive experience in the use of these discs leaves no doubt that these are the best. They do not cause chipping and their useful life is very long.

Diamond granite blades for manual cutters of 115 diameter.


The diamond discs for porcelain materials of 115 diameters of the Spanish brand BelCut. They stand out for their high quality when cutting and also offer a long service life.

How to extend the life of these discs?

Follow these recommendations when cutting granite and porcelain and ceramic materials:

  • Use the appropriate disc for each workpiece. To do this we must make sure which is the right material for its use.
  • When using the disc, it is advisable to keep it in a vertical position.
  • Regulate the feed force that we make while we make the cutting work. This way, it is possible to find the most suitable one depending on the material to be cut.
  • Always make oscillating cuts. With this we will be able to cool the tool and avoid overloading the blade.
  • Perform cooling cuts after prolonged cuts, to avoid overheating of the blade.
  • Never make curved or edge cuts.
  • Do not subject the discs to shocks, heat or force them with tools.
  • Never use the disc for front grinding of stone pieces. Nor should lateral pressure be exerted on the disc.
  • BelCut discs regenerate the diamond during cutting. Lack of cutting performance and a curved appearance of the segment edges are evidence that the wheel is dulling. To solve this problem, we must make small cuts with an abrasive material (bricks, asphalt, concrete…) or with a cutting square. In this way, the diamond blade is re-sharpened, recovering all its original properties.
  • The appearance of sparks during cutting is normal in hard materials containing iron and stone.

We will dispose of all used or defective tools in accordance with local and national regulations and standards.
Thus, with our common sense together with BelCut dry cutting discs for granite and porcelain materials. In addition to these little tricks, the perfect and clean execution of stone cutting jobs is much easier.

Tricks for safety when cutting our materials

To all this we will add not to neglect safety at any time. That is why we remember that when we are using this type of tools we must comply with the following recommendations. This must be complied with when cutting granite and porcelain materials:

  • Never use for face grinding.
  • Never use if damaged.
  • Not suitable for cutting with only one hand.
  • Always read the instructions carefully before use.
  • Use audio visual protection.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Wear respiratory protection.

You can find much more information on our website. We leave here our contact details to make communication quicker and easier. We are always available to answer all your questions, don’t hesitate to ask us without any obligation!

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