Get a Good Final Finish

HOW TO ACHIEVE A GOOD FINAL FINISH? As professionals we must achieve the highest quality finishes to meet the most demanding clients. In materials such as stone it is not always simple because of its particular characteristics. Thus the final result of a countertop will depend on the correct choice of machinery and accessories. The [...]

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Stone adhesives Which one to choose?

What adhesive should we choose to achieve the expected strength and finish? These are some of the questions that arise when choosing the right glue with which to join marble, porcelain or granite. These products are among the most demanded in the sector, by marbleists or sculptors, which they use daily. The most demanded chemical [...]

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High Vacuum Metallization or VACUUM

In MASER we have the widest range of products for the stone sector, always with the highest quality and guarantee. Recently we have incorporated the range of Vacuum accessories. It is a very interesting type of product, but with little knowledge of it in the sector. So we will try to solve the doubts and [...]

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Countertop Transportation and Storage

The stone sector in full technological revolution, demands tools that facilitate heavy work and reduce space, with optimal use of the storage place. A correct storage and transport system plays an important role in the internal logistics operations of a workshop. Good handling and conservation of the piece to its destination is vital, if we [...]

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BELCARE the new range of Maser

In MASER Stone & Ceramic Solutions we have developed BELCARE and BELCARE PRO, the most complete range of chemical products for the treatment and care of natural stone, ceramic and quartz surfaces. BELCARE offers a wide variety of solutions for the repair, care and cleaning of all types of surfaces. Thanks to a long history [...]

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FOOD SAFE: Food Safety on Treated Surfaces

The brands seek to be identified as responsible for the treatment of food from the origin, which causes the industry to worry about informing consumers, who claim their knowledge, of the "quality" of the products. The care and demand of this quality in the day to day in the things we consume or use, makes [...]

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How to clean, protect and polish countertop

Without a doubt, today one of the busiest rooms in our homes is the kitchens. These are visited by all family members and, on occasion, also by various guests, with countertops being the main focus of accumulation of waste and bacteria. Therefore, we must always keep them clean and in good condition, to take care [...]

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Semi invisible seals with the SEAM PHANTOM system

WHAT IS THE SEAM PHANTOM SYSTEM? The SEAM PHANTOM is an innovative system with which we can achieve virtually imperceptible joints in all types of materials. A reduction of the edge of union of the countertop is made with a metal wheel and three abrasives that eliminate any type of shavings and achieve the optimum [...]

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