Exterior stone: its use and maintenance

Stone is a natural element that we can observe from birth, both indoors and outdoors. Throughout history, man has been aware that it is a unique, limited and valuable asset, provided by nature. That is why its use must be responsible. When we decide to build or use stone in our homes, both on the [...]

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Interview with Granimanos and his Waterjet

We interviewed GRANIMANOS to tell us about his experience with the WATERJET. A numerical control cutting centre, which can cut both natural stone and ceramic materials. This cutting is carried out by means of a high-pressure hydro-abrasive water jet. It performs the surface treatment and decoration, which is carried out with a single jet of water. [...]

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Water purification systems, how do they work?

Water purification systems are fundamental and really important in workshops and factories where materials such as: Natural stone Quartz agglomerates Ceramic materials This is because a lot of silica residue is produced in these places. Which pollute the water used by the machine. This contamination is produced by the union of the stone residues with [...]

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Prevention of silicosis from stone and quartz cutting

Silicosis prevention is essential, but what is silicosis? Silicosis is pneumoconiosis caused by inhalation of silica molecules. Pneumoconiosis is understood to be the disease caused by a deposit of dust in the lungs with a pathological reaction against it. Silicosis prevention: how to avoid it and what are its problems Granite and Silestone Silicosis The [...]

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Types of suction cups for lifting and positioning boards

Suction cup types are essential when lifting or placing a slab. This is because many marble workers suffer injuries due to the excessive force involved in carrying such heavy materials. As well as granite, marble, agglomerate, etc. worktops. To avoid these problems, the use of suction cups is recommended and is a great help. Suction [...]

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