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CERAMIC FLOOR OR PORCELAIN FLOOR Ceramic flooring is distinguished by its versatility, resistance and impermeability. More and more households are betting on this type of flooring. Due to its resistance and the fairly simple type of care, which allows it to be a material with numerous finishes, since it can imitate almost any other material [...]

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How to be the best floor polisher

Being a professional floor polisher and getting a good polish is a matter of practice, experience and having the best products. That’s why today we are going to give you some tips on how to be the best polisher. EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BECOME THE BEST FLOOR POLISHER FLOOR POLISHING MACHINE With floor polishers you [...]

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Maser, quality in all processes

An excellent quality control determines and controls each and every one of the processes we carry out at Maser, a control that is extensive to all the products we manufacture or market, which are always tested. In this way, we check the effectiveness of the product, its durability and the veracity of the work to [...]

Exterior stone: its use and maintenance

Stone is a natural element that we can observe from birth, both indoors and outdoors. Throughout history, man has been aware that it is a unique, limited and valuable asset, provided by nature. That is why its use must be responsible. When we decide to build or use stone in our homes, both on the [...]

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Interview with Granimanos and his Waterjet

We interviewed GRANIMANOS to tell us about his experience with the WATERJET. A numerical control cutting centre, which can cut both natural stone and ceramic materials. This cutting is carried out by means of a high-pressure hydro-abrasive water jet. It performs the surface treatment and decoration, which is carried out with a single jet of water. [...]

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