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How to choose the right compressor for your pneumatic equipment

Increasingly, the use of pneumatic equipment compared to electrical equipment, both for performance, durability and reliability of the tool, as well as for safety, is being imposed in the manufacturing and transformation workshops of natural stone and agglomerates, avoiding the risk of electrocution in contact with water. The quality of the supplied air directly affects [...]

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Get a Good Final Finish

HOW TO ACHIEVE A GOOD FINAL FINISH? As professionals we must achieve the highest quality finishes to meet the most demanding clients. In materials such as stone it is not always simple because of its particular characteristics. Thus the final result of a countertop will depend on the correct choice of machinery and accessories. The [...]

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High Vacuum Metallization or VACUUM

In MASER we have the widest range of products for the stone sector, always with the highest quality and guarantee. Recently we have incorporated the range of Vacuum accessories. It is a very interesting type of product, but with little knowledge of it in the sector. So we will try to solve the doubts and [...]

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FOOD SAFE: Food Safety on Treated Surfaces

The brands seek to be identified as responsible for the treatment of food from the origin, which causes the industry to worry about informing consumers, who claim their knowledge, of the "quality" of the products. The care and demand of this quality in the day to day in the things we consume or use, makes [...]

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Campolonghi instala una Levibreton KG

La empresa italiana Campolonghi dedicada a la extracción y elaboración de piedra natural, ha instalado recientemente una pulidora Levibreton KG 4600 del fabricante Breton cuyo socio distribuidor en España es la empresa Maser. La excelencia en el pulido de granito. Entre las principales novedades de esta pulidora de [...]

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