Exterior stone: its use and maintenance

Stone is a natural element that we can observe from birth, both indoors and outdoors. Throughout history, man has been aware that it is a unique, limited and valuable asset, provided by nature. That is why its use must be responsible. When we decide to build or use stone in our homes, both on the [...]

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How to remove stains on marble, granite and stone

To remove stains from marble or other types of natural stone, we must first of all know some characteristics of natural stone. Among many other characteristics, stone is capable of absorbing more or less depending on its porosity. Granite is not the same as marble, limestone or sandstone, not to mention quartz agglomerates or ceramics. [...]

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What stone glue should we choose to achieve the expected resistance and finish? These are some of the doubts that arise when choosing the correct stone glue. With which to join marble, porcelain, granite, ceramic or quartz agglomerate. Putties and resins are among the most demanded products by marble workers or sculptors, who use them [...]

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BelCare, the brand of surface chemicals everyone wants

BelCare, the brand of surface chemicals everyone wants BelCare is undoubtedly one of the best brands of chemical products for surface treatment. A very extensive and specific range for each material. Developed and formulated to solve the daily needs for both the consumer at home and the professional sector. With BelCare and BelCare Professional and [...]

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How to clean, protect and polish countertop

Without a doubt, today one of the busiest rooms in our homes is the kitchens. These are visited by all family members and, on occasion, also by various guests, with countertops being the main focus of accumulation of waste and bacteria. Therefore, we must always keep them clean and in good condition, to take care [...]

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