BelCare, the brand of surface chemicals everyone wants

BelCare, the brand of surface chemicals everyone wants BelCare is undoubtedly one of the best brands of chemical products for surface treatment. A very extensive and specific range for each material. Developed and formulated to solve the daily needs for both the consumer at home and the professional sector. With BelCare and BelCare Professional and [...]

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The stone is a unique element of nature, which throughout mankind has been used by man in the construction of large buildings, temples, cathedrals, roads or monuments, which have remained intact over time. Many of these buildings pay homage to Gods or Kings, or are important civil engineering constructions such as aqueducts that carried water [...]

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Stone adhesives Which one to choose?

What adhesive should we choose to achieve the expected strength and finish? These are some of the questions that arise when choosing the right glue with which to join marble, porcelain or granite. These products are among the most demanded in the sector, by marbleists or sculptors, which they use daily. The most demanded chemical [...]

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