WHY CHOOSE THE COMBICUT DJNC MECHANIZED CENTER? The COMBICUT DJNC combined cutting work center is undoubtedly one of the best machines on the market and that any marbleist dreams of having in his workshop. Designed to perform the work with diamond disk and Waterjet system with numerical control, it is perfect for custom cutting, full [...]

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DEP Water Purification Systems

Water Purification Systems DEPE In workshops and factories that work with materials such as Natural Stone, Quartz Agglomerates and Ceramic Materials, many silica residues are produced that contaminate the water used by the machine. From the union of the waste of the stone with the water, a mud is created that has to be treated [...]

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Countertop Transportation and Storage

The stone sector in full technological revolution, demands tools that facilitate heavy work and reduce space, with optimal use of the storage place. A correct storage and transport system plays an important role in the internal logistics operations of a workshop. Good handling and conservation of the piece to its destination is vital, if we [...]

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Campolonghi instala una Levibreton KG

La empresa italiana Campolonghi dedicada a la extracción y elaboración de piedra natural, ha instalado recientemente una pulidora Levibreton KG 4600 del fabricante Breton cuyo socio distribuidor en España es la empresa Maser. La excelencia en el pulido de granito. Entre las principales novedades de esta pulidora de [...]

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