Combicut, the best stone cutter made to size

WHY CHOOSE THE COMBICUT DJNC MACHINING CENTRE? The COMBICUT DJNC combined cutting work centre is undoubtedly one of the best machines on the market. Every marble cutter dreams of having this machining centre in his workshop. It is designed to work with diamond discs and Waterjet system with numerical control. It is considered perfect for [...]

2021-06-28T17:01:21+00:00 Maquinaria|2 Comments

Breton Genya, your perfect monoblock cutter

Breton Genya is necessary in your workshop, why? When you need to increase your production capacity, you also need the necessary machinery at your disposal to be able to do so. That is why the decision to invest in a new machine that allows you to reach your objectives is a great decision. A commitment [...]

2021-06-20T22:30:33+00:00 Maquinaria|0 Comments

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