Omni Cubed: safety on countertops from workshop to home

During the transport and installation of the countertops, we must minimize any possible breakage or fissure of the material. In addition to improving the ergonomics of installation professionals. In order to facilitate the handling, transport and placement of kitchen and bathroom countertops, Maser has the distribution of the Omni Cubed range of systems. All of [...]

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The transport of countertops and their placement is one of the final and most careful processes to carry out. Once the countertop is placed in a kitchen, a bathroom or a bar or restaurant counter, it is one of the most decorative and functional elements. Therefore, every workshop needs the process of how to install [...]

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Maser clamps for lifting and transporting boards

HOW TO CHOOSE THE MOST SUITABLE STONE CLIP FOR MY WORKSHOP? Safety is one of the main objectives when choosing a stone clamp. Therefore, to comply with this maximum safety, we have selected the clamps that best meet this requirement. Equally in both automatic and manual models. Lifting a table safely for the operator and [...]

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Professional Storage and Transportation Solutions

The daily work carried out in workshops and stone factories is very physical, having to use the force to lift and transport large pieces on many occasions. This activity can generate mishaps that seriously affect the health of the worker, as well as possible risks of breakage or damage to the material. In Maser we [...]

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Get a Good Final Finish

HOW TO ACHIEVE A GOOD FINAL FINISH? As professionals we must achieve the highest quality finishes to meet the most demanding clients. In materials such as stone it is not always simple because of its particular characteristics. Thus the final result of a countertop will depend on the correct choice of machinery and accessories. The [...]

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Countertop Transportation and Storage

The stone sector in full technological revolution, demands tools that facilitate heavy work and reduce space, with optimal use of the storage place. A correct storage and transport system plays an important role in the internal logistics operations of a workshop. Good handling and conservation of the piece to its destination is vital, if we [...]

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Many marbleists suffer injuries due to the excess of force that involves loading such heavy materials as granite countertops, marble, chipboard, etc. To avoid these problems the use of suction cups is recommended and is a great help. In addition to benefiting our health and avoiding injuries, it provides greater security in the transport of [...]

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