The growing increase in cases of silicosis is increasingly worrying as it generates a major problem in the stone sector. It is very common to find companies that do not take any measure for the necessary prevention and protection of their workers against this risk against their health. Maser continues with the awareness and prevention [...]

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Professional Storage and Transportation Solutions

The daily work carried out in workshops and stone factories is very physical, having to use the force to lift and transport large pieces on many occasions. This activity can generate mishaps that seriously affect the health of the worker, as well as possible risks of breakage or damage to the material. In Maser we [...]

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Countertop Transportation and Storage

The stone sector in full technological revolution, demands tools that facilitate heavy work and reduce space, with optimal use of the storage place. A correct storage and transport system plays an important role in the internal logistics operations of a workshop. Good handling and conservation of the piece to its destination is vital, if we [...]

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BELCARE the new range of Maser

In MASER Stone & Ceramic Solutions we have developed BELCARE and BELCARE PRO, the most complete range of chemical products for the treatment and care of natural stone, ceramic and quartz surfaces. BELCARE offers a wide variety of solutions for the repair, care and cleaning of all types of surfaces. Thanks to a long history [...]

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Semi invisible seals with the SEAM PHANTOM system

WHAT IS THE SEAM PHANTOM SYSTEM? The SEAM PHANTOM is an innovative system with which we can achieve virtually imperceptible joints in all types of materials. A reduction of the edge of union of the countertop is made with a metal wheel and three abrasives that eliminate any type of shavings and achieve the optimum [...]

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