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Concentrated neutral disinfectant cleaner for daily cleaning of kitchen counters, bath or other ceramic surfaces such as Dekton®andNeolith®.

Detergent 500 ml Double action:

  • Cleaning action
  • Bactericidal disinfectant action
  • Combat the signs of use

High-life product, as it is diluted in water.

Food Safe Certificate: Suitable for use on food surfaces.


__LW_PS__}Belcare ceramic surface cleaner is the professional solution to maintain the natural appearance of your home's quartz countertops, which have lost their splendor due to everyday use. For Quartz surfaces such asDekton®andNeolith®. It moves away from any multi-purpose product, achieving the best and most suitable result for each type of material. In addition to the action as a detergent, our product exerts a disinfectant protection thanks to the presence in its formulation of Quaternary Ammonium Sales. It does not remove the present waxes, does not damage the surface and leaves no residues or halos.

This product can be purchased individually or as part ofthe Belcare Ceramic Countertops Treatment Kit,which contains everything you need to do the most professional and complete work on your home surfaces.

All our products have the FoodSafe seal,which certifies that after the use of this chemical treatment, it is possible to handle food on the treated surface.


Apply it to the worktop or surface (not suitable for use on floors).
Kitchen counters - Bathroom counters - Tables - Restaurant bars -
Fireplaces - Showers - Decorative elements:

1. Shake the container and spray the cleaner on the surface
2. Allow to operate for a few minutes and then clean using a clean cloth. (Use of gloves in case of sensitive skin)
3. After cleaning the surface, rinse with clean hot water to remove any residue or residue

  • Daily cleaning: Dilute 1 part of the product by 20 parts of water. (1:20)
  • Intermediate cleaning: Dilute 1 part of the product by 5 parts of water. (1:5)
  • Concentrated cleaning: Dilute 1 part of the product by 1 part of water. (1:1)
  • For a stronger action:Apply the pure product directly on the surface to be cleaned

It is recommended to be used as the first phase of the cleaning process:

1. Apply special cleaner Quartz Belcare
2. Apply special quartz repair Belcare
3. Apply special Belcare quartz rinse aid


PERFORMANCE: The yield varies from 1 to 50 m² with one liter of product.

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More Information
Ficha Técnica
Odour Violets
Point Flammation >100 ºC
Solubility Soluble in the
Water pH 8.0
Relative density 1.00
Liquid state
Green colour