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Rinse aid for final polishing of marble floors, marble and cement, terrazzo, limestone.

Applied with monolepillo produces thermochemical reaction: Crystallization

  1. Dissolves calcium carbonate (natural in marble)
  2. Vitrifier agent originates very hard surface with similar durary shine to the glass
  3. Closes pores
  • Non-slip
  • Resists trampling
  • No waxes/resins


Mode of use:

  1. Wash the floor (preferably with our LEM-3 detergent).
  2. Where floors are very damaged and dirty difficult to remove, use our ULTRA-STRIPPER degreasing cleaner
  3. Rinse well (no traces of old wax or grease should remain) and allow to dry.
  4. Apply the product with a spray and moisten the surface to be treated (1 to 2 square meters in a uniform manner) with VETRO-GLASS.
  5. Immediately pass the Phoenix monolepillo with a steel wool or White Scotch Brite disc, making it slow to slide the machine: This way the crystallizing agent will dry on the surface, creating the thermochemical action of crystallization.
  6. If you want to increase the already excellent brightness and protect it, we recommend the use of our liquid Wax RR/1 product.

In the event that the soil has problems of marked scratches, a passage with the FIBRALUX discs or polishing with a polisher equipped with DIAZONE diamond discs is recommended before crystallization.

Usage Tips:

  • After floor washing, allow the floor to dry thoroughly to avoid residual moisture.
  • For light or white marbles, it is recommended to use a White Scotch Brite or "Natural" abrasive disc for crystallization.
  • It is recommended to proceed to crystallization gradually, by treating 1-2 m2 at the same time.
  • Make sure that the residue or splashes of the crystallizer do not remain on the floor, so avoid the product from draining out of the container.
  • Before use, carefully read the recommendations on the label and make a preliminary test.

Safety measures: In addition to good working practice, please refer to the CE safety data sheets and follow the regulation on laws that discipline workplace safety.

Application surface: Marble, compact/laminate boardd marble, travertine, calcareous stones.

Usage Tool:






Abrasive discs


Steel wool

Product Performance: For the crystallization of marbles, about 80/100 m² can be treated with one liter of product.

More Information
Ficha Técnica
Intense odour
Specific weight at 20°C 1.00 ± 0.02
Solubility In water soluble in any percentage
pH 3.5 ± 0.2
Storage at 20° C 24 months in original packaging
Liquid White colour

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