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Powerful spray cleaner toremove moss, algae, fungi and mold from all natural stone and concrete surfaces. Prevents future training.

  • In 30 minutes it eliminates its trace in outer or inner stone without damaging the surface and leaving no marks
  • facades, tiles, balustrades, swimming pools, fountains,
  • Spa Hygienizing actionfor swimming pools and fountains
  • 1 liter


BLEACHING ACTION: 5 - 15% chlorine bleach, soda, alkaline solution with additives, colour indicator, inhibitors, perfumes.

APPLICATION: Spray on the algae and let it work, then rinse the surface. A high-powered product, it can contaminate plants, living things or water coming into contact. Scrub with a brush until the traces of algae have disappeared. Repeat the process twice. Spray the product and let it operate for at least 30-40 minutes, until the residue decomposes. Rinse with water after the process is completed.

It acts in a very effective but delicate way in areniscas, polished granites, marbles, quartz etc.

Ready to use, it is not necessary to dilute it.

Store the container in a cool, dark place. Consume in 6 months. 

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