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Exceptional effective protector with nanotech formulation

Repels stains: Marble, granite, natural stone:

  • Outside: Water, acid rain, ice-de-icing, UV rays, moss, humidity, efflorescence
  • Inside: Oil, grease


  • Long-term efficiency: Minerale surface, lapideas, cooked mud, cement, ceramics
  • It does not alter color


FOOD SAFE: Suitable for placing food on the treated surface.

Spectacular "Bead" effect:

  • The water droplets are placed on the treated surface in the form of spheres and slide immediately on inclined surfaces or as a blow of air.

UV resistance:

  • There is no colour variation even after prolonged exposure.
  • It is completely invisible and does not give the treated parts a wet or shiny appearance, keeping the original colour unchanged.

Prevents mold and moss formation:

  • No bright effect
  • Breathable, does not generate film

Mode of use:

  1. Preparation of the support: The surface should be dry and clean; possibly stains, molds and various inlays should be completely removed, otherwise its successive extraction would be difficult. Application: Brush, cloth, roller, wool. It is recommended, when possible, to apply with a brush as soon as it allows for better penetration of the protector.
  2. For use, apply IDEA GOLD with a brush, exerting a slight pressure to make it penetrate well into cracks, angles and cavities. Allowing the product to air dry and the material will be protective.
  3. On low-absorbant surfaces apply IDEA GOLD and, after several minutes, remove the product leave by rubbing with a dry and clean microfiber cloth.
  4. During application and drying, the substrate temperature should be between 10 and 30°C. In case of application on floor with underfloor heating, switch off the heating and let the stone cool down completely.

Usage Tips:

  • It is advisable to apply the product up to a complete saturation of the stone.
  • On highly absorbent materials, it is advisable to apply the product at least 2 times within 2 hours of the first application.
  • Do not dilute the product with other solvents or water as soon as the preparation is ready for use.
  • The material to be treated must be completely dry.
  • Do not allow excess IDEA GOLD to dry on the surface: In case of overapplication, remove it with a cotton or microfiber cloth.
  • Protect against rain or moisture during the first few hours of application.
  • In case of application on transitory surfaces, pay attention to the Bead effect, which in case of frost, could make the surface slippery. It is therefore advisable to apply the product at least 60 days before the alleged drop in temperatures below zero.
  • Another application system, suitable for small parts, can be by immersion; it is even possible to use a sponge impregnated with product and plug the material.
  • Once treated, the lapid material should be allowed to dry for at least 24 hours in order for complete polymerization to take place.
  • In the case of treatment of statues, vases or decoration items on the outside, pay close attention to the holes.
  • Before use, carefully read the recommendations on the label and make a preliminary test.

Application surface:

  • Marbles, granites, marble/cement, marble/resin, calcareous stones.
  • Works of restoration and valorization of works, in stone or walls, in the exterior or in the interior.
  • Ideal for the protection of facades, brick or concrete walls, flat in stone (marble or opaque or bright granite).

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Spreader fleece



Safety measures: In addition to good working practice, please refer to the CE safety data sheets and follow the regulation on laws that discipline workplace safety.

Product Performance: For the protection of marbles and granites polished or polished in addition to the grana 800 with 1 liter of product 15/25 m² can be treated. In the case of marbles and unpolished granites, calcareous stones, sandstones, marble/cement with 1 liter, 10/15 m² are treated.

Maintenance: For the maintenance of the material we recommend the use of our detergent LEM-3. In case of stone wear and as required, reapplication of the product is recommended.

More Information
Ficha Técnica
Characteristic odour of solvent
Air drying at 20°C 45-60 minutes
Specific weight at 20°C 0.80 ± 0.05
Full polymerization time 7 days
Full drying time 8 hours
Storage at 20°C 24 months in original packaging
Solubility in water Insoluble
Long waves 365 nm Optima (No variations have been verified after 48 hours)
pH N.A.
Short waves 254 nm Optima (no variations verified after 48 hours)
Liquid presentation
Transparent colour

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