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Repair cream to correct and remove marks on kitchen or bathroom counters and ceramic surfaces. Dekton®and Neolith®.

  • It penetrates the pores, removing stains, minor marks and impurities , produced by the daily use of utensils: Pots, cutlery, glasses, bottles
  • Daily use after Belcare cleaner
  • 200ml

Food Safe Certificate: Suitable for food surfaces.


__LW_PS__}The special repairman Belcare, is the professional solution for the care of ceramic surfaces in the home, helping its surfaces shine and be protected as the first day. It is the most efficient and resolutive way to maintain the natural appearance of ceramic countertops, which have lost their splendor due to everyday use.

  • Ready-to-use product
  • 200 ml
  • Very nice smell

This product can be purchased individually or as part of the BelCare Complete Treatment Kit for Ceramic Countertops, which contains everything you need to allow anyone to do the most professional work on the surfaces of your home.

Specially formulated for Ceramic surfaces such asDekton®andNeolith®. It moves away from any multipurpose product for the best and most suitable result for each type of material.

All our products have the FoodSafe seal  , which certifies that after the use of this chemical treatment it is possible to handle food on the treated surface.


  • Formula developed specifically to remove the minor marks and scratches produced by the daily use of tools, such as pots, cutlery, pots, glasses, bottles etc, without damaging the material.
  • It acts by small particles that penetrate the pores of the surface, completely eliminating any signal, even where traditional detergents or cleaners do not act.
  • The product eliminates factory-applied waxes and surface coating sealers at once, including light inks and epoxy residues. It is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-acidic.
  • It is suitable for both professional and domestic use, on all surfaces, pavements, coatings, kitchen and bathroom counters, showers etc of ceramic material such as Dekton® and Neolith®.


  1. Remove any surface residue with a damp cloth
  2. Moisten the surface with water
  3. Shake the container and apply the BELCARE special repair agent
  4. Wipe the product with a sponge or the soft part of the pad, with circular movements
  5. Rinse abundantly with clean water
  6. Use a clean cloth to remove excess dirt or debris If necessary, repeat the process for optimal results

If necessary, repeat the process to achieve optimal results.

In the event of extremely difficult stains, the BELCARE can be used in a pure way without first wetting the surface.

The product can also be applied locally on the stain and let work for a few hours. Finally, rinse with water.

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More Information
Ficha Técnica
Odour Violets
olfactory threshold Gelsomine
Solubility Soluble in water
pH 6.0
Relative density 1.00
Liquid state
Flammability (solid. Gas) No
Milk colour
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