How to be the best floor polisher

20 May 2022

Being a professional floor polisher and getting a good polish is a matter of practice, experience and having the best products. That’s why today we are going to give you some tips on how to be the best polisher.


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With floor polishers you can polish small and/or large surfaces or steps in:

  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Terrazzo
  • Cement

These wonderful results can be obtained with our different models of professional floor polishers. In our catalogue we put quality first, that is why you can discover different types of floor polishers with the highest quality. In addition you can find three-phase floor polishers, single-phase, universal, with double head, floor polishers for smaller places and many more ranges, discover it by looking at our variety of → floor polishers 

CHEMICALS FOR NATURAL STONE FLOORINGmaser, piedra natural, granito, marmol, pulidor de suelo, suelo pulido, bellinzoni, químicos

A good polisher must have the right chemical products to get the best results on natural stone floors.  In the range of chemicals we highlight:

  • Anti-slip
  • Cleaners
  • Crystallisers and polishers
  • Fillers and resins
  • Specific protectors for each type of surface, with the efficiency and easy application that a quality job requires.

These products will give the polishing an extra quality and a perfect finish to the floor to be treated.

But for the chemical range we cannot rely on just any brand, but on BelCare and Bellinzoni. The first brand, born in Spain a few years ago, offers the best chemicals and surface treatments. And its range covers anti-slip, specific cleaners for each surface, fillers and resins of different colours and a wide variety of specific protectors.

On the other hand, we have Bellinzoni, an Italian brand that also offers a range of surface chemicals and polishes. We can also find products such as cleaners, anti-slip products, glass polishes and polishers.

If you want to know more about these products and these two brands, → click here 


maser, piedra natural, granito, marmol, pulidor de suelo, frankfurt para pulido, bellux, frankfurtFloor polishing tools are essential, especially when it comes to choosing a good brand. BelLux was born in Spain a few years ago to offer the best quality at the best price. In its catalogue we can find special tools for polishing. As well as high quality abrasives and many more tools for manual polishing that you may need. A professional floor polisher must obtain a perfect result. And in addition, you should be able to enjoy the final result and its high durability.



PORTABLE TOOLS FOR POLISHING MARBLE, GRANITE AND OTHER SURFACESmaser, piedra natural, granito, marmol, pulidor de suelo, alpha tools, pulidora alpha, herramienta portatil

A professional floor polisher needs a good portable tool for a good polishing of marble, granite and other surfaces. And above all that this tool helps you to make a perfect polishing in a simple way and making you save time and productivity. That is why at Maser we have a large catalogue of manual electric and pneumatic polishers. To find out which one best suits your needs, go to see the full range by clicking here → see portable tools ← our article where we explain the advantages of both. These tools will help you to get the best polishing of marble, granite and other surfaces.

On the other hand, we have a bush-hammering machine for making strips on steps to prevent slipping. This tool will give you optimum results in record time. It is very easy and perfect to use in areas that are difficult to access, such as next to the wall. If you want to know more about our range of → portable tools ← for polishing marble and other surfaces.



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Cut-off wheels are indispensable in the workshop or workplace of a professional floor polisher. That’s why you must have good quality and durable cutting discs. BelCut offers this in all its cutting discs, creating a range of discs specifically for each surface. In other words, in the BelCut range of discs you can find universal discs, discs for ceramic, granite, quartz and a host of other options. To learn more about cutting discs and this brand, we recommend you to read → this article ←

Become the best floor polisher, with the best brand of cutting tools.


    maser, piedra natural, granito, marmol, pulidor de suelo, limpiadora, barredora, aspiradora

For a professional use of polishing, we have cleaners, sweepers and hoovers. In this section we have an infinite number of models, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs as a professional floor polisher. For example, with this equipment you will be able to finish all your jobs with a perfect finish. Not only in your workshop but also in the customer’s rooms.

This is how many floor polishers have been able to improve their final work as they achieve a much simpler, faster and perfectionist finish. Do not hesitate to consult our section on → floor cleaners, sweepers and hoovers ←.


maser, piedra natural, granito, marmol, pulidor de suelo, kit reparacion, jeringuilla

If repairing knocks and small cracks in stone surfaces used to be a nightmare, now it will be a simple job. And thanks to the polishing kits for marble, quartz agglomerate, ceramic and granite, it will be a simple task.

We have different repair kits. For example, we have a more basic kit, for specific moments and for the most handyman. And we have a complete kit that will become a must if you are a professional floor polisher.

The function of these kits is to help the polisher to work quickly and comfortably, so that he can get the results he needs. In addition to helping those bumps and small cracks remain in a simple scare.

In order to find out more about the type of kits we have and their contents, we recommend that you → repair kits ←


    maser, piedra natural, granito, marmol, pulidor de suelo, fieltro, fieltro proteccion, fieltro obra

While when we work we are thinking about the problem we are going to solve, we must not forget to protect our work area. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor surface, stairs or floor, a floor polisher must protect these areas. Not only to avoid dust and other dirt, but also to avoid stains caused by chemicals. That’s why protective filters are ideal for these tasks. They can protect our surfaces from passing vehicles, scaffolding or machinery marks among other functions.

On the other hand, we have felts in different sizes and thicknesses to suit your needs, → see here our variety of felts 






At Maser we are always available to advise you. In our → contact form ← we will answer you as soon as possible. You can also see all the products we offer in our → online shop ←. Do not hesitate to choose Maser, choose safety and quality.