Eva María Belinchón, ASEME Businesswoman of the Year Award 2021

13 Jan 2022

Eva María Belinchón, our CEO, has received the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Spanish Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Madrid (ASEME). At the 50th anniversary gala of this organisation, held in the assembly hall of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday 23 November.

The jury, made up of the Board of Directors of ASEME, the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, CEIM (Madrid Business Confederation-CEOE), CEPYME (Spanish Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises) and sponsors such as Banco Santander, valued his career, quality and merits at the head of the MASER company.

Eva María Belinchón said she was “very grateful for this prize, especially for having been awarded by a jury made up of such important organisations in the business world. This is an injection of encouragement and motivation to continue working to improve and innovate in order to make MASER GROUP grow. ”

It is an award that I share with my family, from whom I have stolen so many hours, and with the great team that is part of the company, because without them it would not have been possible to achieve it”.



Eva María Belinchón is a benchmark as a female entrepreneur in a sector, such as the industrial sector, which is highly masculinised. For more than 30 years she has been part of the family business of which she is CEO, where she has led the generational transfer and the digital transformation. A company specialising in providing machinery and tooling solutions to industries in the stone, construction and glass sectors, as well as for the home and collectives. During his tenure, the company has internationalised and expanded to 15 European and Latin American countries, such as Portugal, France, Mexico and Colombia, among others. He has also created two new companies and three leading brands and has managed to increase MASER GROUP’s turnover by 3,930% in the last year. In line with its commitment to the environment, it has created the Eco division, which produces ecological and biodegradable products.

The CEO of MASER GROUP studied business at Schiller International University and holds a master’s degree from IE Business School. She also holds a master’s degree from Harvard University and has been a speaker at the Economic Forum of Ibero-American Businesswomen.

He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Family Businesses of Madrid (ADEFAM). She also helps to promote talent through the Human Age Institute. She is a mentor at YPO, a global CEO leadership community based in the United States with some 29,000 members in more than 130 countries. Here she helps and guides young female entrepreneurs. She is a member of Chapter Iberia and associations such as Club Siglo XXI or AEMA and ASEAMAC.



MASER GROUP is a family business specialising in providing machinery and tooling solutions to the stone, construction, glass, home and community industries. It was founded in 1976 by José Luis Belinchón, father of the current CEO, Eva María Belinchón, who is the winner of the Businesswoman of the Year award. Currently, in addition to Spain, it is present in more than 15 European and Latin American countries. Quality and excellence in the provision of services are its main priority, which is why it has a quality management system based on the requirements of the UNE EN ISO 9001:2015 ‘Quality Management Systems’ standard and the UNE 15896 standard.