5 Jul 2022

Ceramic tiles for outdoor flooring are one of the best options if treated with ceramic anti-slip. It must have specific treatments to protect against falls and slips on every type of surface, including ceramic. On the other hand, it is a very fashionable element lately, as more and more people want to have a terrace outside.


In order to choose the ceramic material that best suits our needs and which can be treated with ceramic anti-slip, several factors must be taken into account:

  1. Porosity: Depending on whether you are going to make an uncovered terrace or a covered terrace you will have to take this factor into account. For example, for an uncovered terrace you should look for a porcelain tile with low porosity, as they are more resistant to climatic impact and have greater resistance to marks and also absorb much less water.
  2. Thickness: The thicker the tile, the more resistant it will be. In addition, there are now techniques such as double-thickness tiles, which are practical and easy to lay and allow cables and pipes to be concealed in the gap underneath.
  3. Treatment: It must be taken into account that the ceramic tiles used outdoors must be treated to ensure that they are durable and have the characteristics required by the client. For example, a protective treatment of the tile and also anti-slip. 


In outdoor ceramics we find different types of ceramics:

  1. Dekton: Repels stains and humidity. On the other hand, it allows maximum surface hygiene and withstands heat and UV rays.
  2. Neolith: Although it is not a ceramic or porcelain material, as it is made from sintered stone, it is a super resistant material.Laminam. It is very compact and with a very low porosity, which makes it a very resistant material.
  3. Techlam: The material is 100% recyclable and of natural origins. It withstands high temperatures, is a hygienic and resistant porcelain tile.Lapitec: 100% natural mineral material with a full body. It is the only certified sintered stone in the world.
  4. Porcelanosa: This type of flooring increases warmth and gives greater continuity to spaces.

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The ceramic anti-slip treatment for outdoors is essential. At MASER we recommend using the → Anti-slip Ceramic Surfaces Belcare ANC-1 ←, for all the advantages of using this product.

First of all, it is an anti-slip treatment for ceramics with a double action. In other words, it is a treatment that not only protects the surface, but is also anti-slip, thus preventing unwanted slips and falls.

It is suitable for slippery surfaces such as smooth and polished ceramics, porcelain stoneware, porcelain, clinker, terracotta, Dekton, Porcelanosa, Neolith, Laminam, Techlam, cemente and glazed stoneware, and is recommended for use in both indoor and outdoor areas and on both old and new surfaces.

Furthermore, this product does not alter the appearance of the surface to be treated.



antideslizante para cerámica, maser, piedra natural, mármol, granito, maquinaria para piedra


Caring for ceramics is a simple step. This is an advantage for the care of outdoor ceramics. In order to make good use of the surface we must follow a series of cares. It is essential to avoid knocks on our surface, despite having the Belcare ANC-1 Anti-slip Ceramic Surfaces treatment, as we can avoid some unpleasant surprises.

When cleaning our exterior ceramics we should use specific cleaners for ceramics or neutral pH cleaners. But what we should not use is bleach or ammonia.


Ceramic tiles for terraces are a good option if we take into account the factors of: resistance, impermeability and versatility. The latter is one of the factors that most interest customers, as they want to be able to find a surface in the colour of their choice.

Ceramic tiles can be inspired by almost any material, allowing them to copy textures, colours and shapes from other materials. This gives the client and the professional a great deal of freedom to create the ideal space.


antideslizante para cerámica, maser, piedra natural, mármol, granito, maquinaria para piedra, belcare, anc-1,


At MASER we are concerned that all our customers are satisfied. If you have any doubts about which treatment you should use on your surface, do not hesitate to → contact us. Our team will advise you as quickly as possible. In the meantime, you can access our → online shop ← to take a look at the treatments for exterior ceramics, as well as many other products and services.